Xavier toolchain libc version is not match rootfs

I user Jetson AGX Xavier 32.7.1
in rootfs the libc.so is 2.27
in toolchain the libc.so is 2.25
I copy some libs from xavier rootfs to my project to compile with toochain. it whill failed, loss libc-2.27.so.
but when I copy libc-2.27.so to my project. it whill compile failed too.
how can I do?
why the libc version is not match between rootfs and toolchain?

Suppose the toolchain is the cross compile tools.


my linux version is r32.7.1
I must compile ros node with toolchain, so I copy /opt/ros(in xavier) to my host. but compile failed,loss lib2.27.so the toochain’s libc.so is 2.25
I want to find a toolchain which the libc.so’s version is match xavier rootfs.

Suppose you should not copy libs from Xavier to Host to compile with toolchain.
Maybe you can try to compile your project on Xavier instead.

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