Xavier unable to boot "Failed to open sdmmc-3, err = f0f0a06"

We have an increasing number of Xavier modules that eventually become unresponsive and are unable to be recovered through the recovery process. At least 5 separate systems (some of which have been running continuously for more than 1 year) eventually fail to boot after a power cycle.

Troubleshooting these systems reveal that when attempting to recover the system, the MB2 bootloader is unable to open the sdmmc-3 device. This renders the system effectively bricked as we can’t update any part of the systems software.

calling apps_init()
starting app shell
entering main console loop
] ??[0059.118] E> OCR failed, error = f0f0a06
[0059.119] E> Failed to open sdmmc-3, err = f0f0a06
[0059.119] E> Failed to initialize boot device
[0059.119] E> Top caller module: SDMMC, error module: SDMMC, reason: 0x06, aux_info: 0x0a
[0059.120] I> TBoot-CPU Recovery hang 

Can you provide any explanation of the error codes reported here?
Does “sdmmc-3” here refer to SDMMC3@0x03440000 (the unused controller) or SDMMC4@0x03460000 (the internal eMMC)?
Are there any other additional troubleshooting steps to complete?

Please put your module back to nv devkit. And see if it can get flashed.

If it cannot, please RMA them. sdmmc-3 here means the internal emmc.

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