Xavier UPHY port settings inquire

Hi Nvidia team,

Could you please tell us about UPHY interface settings, can we just only follow Xavier Design guide Table15?
or we can setting any function(ex: USB3.1, PCIE, UFS) for all UPHY port?


For now only table 15 setting supported, may have update later but not guarantee.
What kind of setting you need? How many USB3.1? How many PCIe(how many lanes for each port)?

Does any of the UPHY lanes support SATA

Currently info is no direct UPHY SATA support, SATA support over PCIe to SATA bridge 88SE9171 on Jetson Xavier.

Hi JimWang,

I know that Xavier module support SATA by 88SE9171,but how to understand “The SATA controller utilizes lane 10 of the x12 UPHY in Xavier, sharing the UPHY lane with UFS.” in Chapter “9.3 SATA Controller” of TRM document if UPHY does not support SATA directly?

Does this mean that UPHY will support SATA in the furture?

NVHS is PCIe x8.
Q1: connect to PCIex2 is work?
Q2: UPHY8:9 VS NVHS witch bandwidth is fast?

TRM is based on chip, on Xavier devkit SATA is supported thru converter, 88SE9171.

x8 controller support x2 mode.
Same up to Gen 4.