Xavier USB C line change USB 3.0?

I designed carrier board but our board size is small.
so, i changed USB C line. (USB C delete & use USB 3.0).
My plan is

  1. USB0_DN/DP → OTG
  2. USB1_DN/DP + UPHY_TX6 = USB3.0
  3. USB3_DN/DP + UPHY_TX11 = USB3.0

and another Q is ACOK.
TX2 module is only connected ACOK - GND but Xavier is circuit add.
i want to know simple method

check plz

Do you mean design on TX2 or Xavier? Please check the OEM DG of it in DLC, there is USB lane mapping configuration table for that. The configuration should be followed well.

with Xavier.

OEM DG only include USB C line mapping.
i know to design USB 3.0 line.
(USB 3.0 line need to USB N/P, TX_N/P, RX_N/P, VBUS&GND 8 line)
(USB C line need to add line & another item)
we need to reduce B/D size.
check plz

You plan is OK.

The ACOK circuit is necessary.