Xavier Virtual

I am trying to set up Xavier NX with a Pi camera as a 24/7 server with the purpose of allowing several Windows 10 PCs to connect, access and take control of the Xavier to do experiments on tensorflow and python coding. I managed to connect them within a same network of connected computers. However, the real intention is to connected these PCs located in different countries to Xavier. I have tried to use Remmina Remote Desktop Client in Xavier but when I launched it, multiple desktop screen appeared continously. What should I do?

Can you take a picture to show us how the error “when I launched it, multiple desktop screen appeared continously” looks like?

I used Remmina on Xavier NX on local or desktop server but no results. Screenshots are attached. Appreciate any advice to set up m Xavier as a server to enable other from remote locations to access and use my server for coding experimentsScreenshot from 2020-12-01 00-11-15|690x388


Could you try to use vino as vnc server?

Will try and report back soon. Thanks!