XavierNX JP5.0.2 run deepstream got system crash


I used XavierNX with JP5.0.2 and ran the deep stream test through RTSP by CSI camera IMX335
I changed the power mode to 8 (20W 6Core)
and plug the HDMI port
start ran the deep stream test about 3 hours
the CPU temperature was 90 degrees (Celsius) and power was under 10W: work fine
and then I remove the HDMI and reboot
start ran the deep stream test but the system crashed immediately
the CPU temperature was 85 degrees (Celsius) and the power was about 13W

why the HDMI plug in or not will cause the difference?
is this a thermal issue or something?
I want to test the deep stream test without HDMI

By default we use nveglglesink in the config files. If you don’t need to display the video on screen, please modify the config file to use fakesink or save to a video file.

You may also try later release Jetpack 5.1.


the fakesink didn’t work,
the system still crashed a few minutes later

Please upgrade to Jetpack 5.1 or 5.1.1 and give it a try.

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