Xavior NX codec support VP9 SVC (Scaled Video Coding)

I have a question for clearify about Jetson NX VP9 SVC ( Scaled Video Coding ) HW video decode and encode support capbliity , I check the datasheet . but there is not clearly metaion it support it or not

For Scalable Video Coding, we support it in H264 and H265. Please check the option in 01_video_encode:

        --svc                 Enable RPS Three Layer SVC [Default = disabled]

It is not supported for VP9.

Hi DaneLLL,

Is H264/H265 SVC supported in nvv4l2h264/265enc plug-in? I don’t see any related property setting with gst-inspect-1.0 nvv4l2h264enc.


It is supported in jetson_multimedia_api. Please refer to


For running in the mode it would need to set the parameters frame by frame, so it is not easy to apply to gstreamer plugins. We suggest use jetson_multimedia_api. If you need the function in v4l2 plugins, we have gst-v4l2 open source and you may try to do customization.