XCode Plugin Source

Hey all,

I posted the source to the XCode CUDA plugin a while back and now it seems it needs some tinkering for snow leopard.

Unfortunately I don’t have a copy (and the links in the thread aren’t working for me). If anyone has the original or any of the updated sources can you post them here or PM me and I’ll put them where everyone can get at them ;)


Downloads appear to be working OK again now (as long as you’re logged in). I was able to download the source from the original link.

Hi there

Yes, tried pretty much every link on the original thread, and they all seem to work fine

Hi llamatron,

Any progress on an updated plug-in for Xcode 2.3 + Snow Leopard? I tried it myself and got it to work with a few modifications to the source, but the output parser doesn’t work. I guess this is an issue with the new 64bit SDK, I hope they haven’t changed the plugin API…


Hi, llamatron

Any progress? :( Im really lookin forward to your plug-in