XD 7/ PVS 7/Windows 7/Autocad Civil 2013 Roaming Profile 1606 Error

We have deployment of XenDesktop 7 running on top of XenServer 6.2. The customer is trying to run AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 as a published application. The issue we’re running into isn’t really related to the Grid technology, but NVIDIA told me to post it here. When we launch AutoCAD Civil for the first time, it runs its user portion of the setup using the Windows Installer. The problem is that when it gets to AutoCAD Raster 3D, it throws up a 1606 error related to the app data path for AutoCAD Maps. For some reason, it doesn’t like the app data roaming profile path.

Does anyone know if roaming profiles are supported by AutoCAD? I’ve temporarily moved AppData back to the same location as the local profile so Citrix UPM can pick up those roaming folders, but this is not a recommended configuration. I believe the best practice is to use redirected folders in conjunction with user profile management. I would appreciate any suggestions anyone may have regarding this issue.

A roaming profile should be fine.

Have a look at this Autodesk KB article. It may help identify if something needs changing e.g. registry, for your redirected folders.