Xen and Nvidia driver (Debain 10 Buster)

I’m on debian 10 with Xen. I want to try out Vulkan as well as play a Vulkan-only game. Currently I’m stuck on the nouveau driver which does not support Vulkan (afaik). I have seen previous articles about incompatibilities between Xen and Nvidia.

To put it simply, I have a 1050 ti, I want to run xen and vulkan applications, is the NVIDIA driver and Xen compatible on a dom0 or do I have to do one of:

a. Choose between NVIDIA and Xen
b. Give the 1050 ti to a domU for development and buy an amd gpu for my desktop’s dom0
c. Get rid of my gpu and buy a different one

Trying to run lightdm after loading the nvidia module, my screen goes black and I get kernel messages about “gpu faults”. After this, the gpu seems to enter a catatonic state, even after unloading the nvidia driver and loading the working nouveau driver, the gpu will not wake up and the screen will never show anything until a reboot. (I can still access my system via ssh).