Xenserver 7.1 - Windows 10 build 1709 Virtual Desktops Unable to Start using Driver 370.35

I’m attempting to allocate GPU (GK107GL GRID K1) to a new batch of Windows 10 Virtual Desktops within XenServer 7.1.

I have installed the 370.35 64bit driver for Windows 10 1709 as part of our Platform Layer formed in Citrix Layering Manager.

Once the published image has been applied to a Windows 10 Virtual Desktop and the GPU has been allocated, the Virtual Desktop restarts itself before it even gets to the Windows CTRL+ALT+DEL screen.

When I remove the GPU allocation, the Virtual Desktop boots up with no issues whatsoever. It’s only once I allocate GPU the Virtual Desktop gets stuck in a loop and is unable to fully boot.

From the information I have provided, has anyone experience a similar issue?

Any help will be much appreciated.