XFCE4 4.14 - Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Development Branch On the Jetson Nano

Hi guys just wanted to give my thoughts on the newly released xfce4 4.14.

I have successfully ported Xubuntu / Ubuntu 19.10 development branch to the Jetson Nano.

I’m using a modified 4.9.140 kernel with few additions, mostly full apparmor support / integration as well as the ability to have fuse mounts in user name space, however I don’t believe these modifications are nessasary for 19.10 to function on the Nano.

Just wanted to say that this release runs great on the nano and there is enhanced support for NVIDIA propitiatory drivers in Xfce4 4.14. as well as a slew of other improvements that are beyond me.

Currently running X.Org X Server 1.20.4 without any real issues on top of the R32.1 nano driver package.

One thing that is exciting within xfce4 4.14 is the updates that have been made to the built in window manager xfwm.

Xfwm now supports v-sync and hardware accelerated compositing right out of the box! no more need to run Compton or Compiz to get a smooth tear free experience desktop perfromance is smooth as butter and video playback works great as well.

If there is interest I would be willing to create a custom image to share similar to the one I released previously.

Hi Mr. Chris - thanks for sharing! If you wanted to post the image and/or how you created it, that would be good to add to the wiki.

Thanks for the suggestion Dusty, I think I will create a light weight xubuntu/xfce 4.14 image for people to try out.

I think they will be pleasantly surprised and nvidia should take a look at xfce 4.14 as a consideration for their next L4T release as it is light weight and now the built in compositor works better than both compiz and compton in my testing.

I would also like to make a detailed tutorial on creating a custom image from scratch for the nano using debootstrap and some modifications to the apply_binaries.sh script however I will have to set aside some time to do so.

I’ve been trying to port Manjaro to the nano with limited success but that is most likely my next challenge.


P.S If anyone would like to assist me in porting the R32.2 BSP to a custom image I could use the help.

The way R32.2 is installed seems to have changed quite drastically and I have yet to tackle this release.

Would love to use the new image from you

the old one also works like a charm