Xinerama problems with two cards and three monitors.

I configured Xinerama with Quadro2000 (GPU-0) and GeForce GTX750Ti (GPU-1) cards and LG 22EN43 (left, GPU-1.DFP-1, screen 2), Samsung S22B300 (center, GPU-0.DFP-0, screen 1) and LG 22EN33 (right, GPU-0.DFP-1, screen 0).

Manjaro Linux x86_64 stable or testing before update 2016-07-27
Linux 4.6.2
Cinnmamon 3.0.7
Xorg server 1.17.4-3.1
Intel Xeon W3565

There’s some issue.

  • Conky widget blinks. Widgets including RSS widget (rss command) blink (they're on GPU-0.DFP-0) but widget including only time widgets (on GPU-0.DFP-1) don't blink.
  • Chromium based browsers (Chromium, Google Chrome and Vivaldi) jump 1920px right when double click windows label, and they are off right on move handling. They are solved by using window manager's window decoration.
  • Cinnamon became unstable. Sometime crush.

Additional test needs more time because I changed environment.