Xorg 1.17.4-1 fails to load on Fedora 22

A couple of months ago I installed Fedora 22 and used the 352.63 driver for my GeForce GTX 550 Ti. At the time, the kernel (x86_64) was 4.2.6-201 and updated to 4.2.8-200. With the first kernel, the driver worked properly with no problems. I installed other Fedora 22 updates as they occurred. Then when updating to the newest kernel and installing the 352.63 driver I repeatedly get “Oops. Something went wrong” errors at bootup. The only way I can get into Xorg is to uninstall the driver and not adding “nomodeset” to my kernel (using grub) at startup.

I tried booting from the previous kernel without any luck. Most recently, I tried installing the 358.16 driver (bug report attached) with similar results. Any advice?