Xorg crash on GLX extension running 331.20 driver on Linux 3.6.1, x64, Quadro FX 1800.

Here is a debug run of Xorg resulting in the crash:


The symptom happens to be consistent with this bug:


Here is the generated bug report file:


I have installed the NVIDIA driver to my system by manually extracting the .run installer and then copying the files myself. My system is Linux from Scratch, not a distribution. The following makefile was used to install the driver:


My version of EGLIBC is 2.13. Kernel is 3.6.1. Xorg server is 1.12.0. NVIDIA driver is 331.20.

Though this looks like a serious issue … did you check the kernel boot parameters and nvidia driver options ? Guessing something like options nvidia NVreg_RemapLimit=0x7c00000 or vmalloc=512MB could help.

Just because i’m happy with my modest and recent achievement … might be worth having a look at to validate few things https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/670045/linux/possible-configuration-fix-for-nvidia-performance-issues-and-stability/

Pure guesswork though, sorry not to be able to assist.