Xorg freezes 334.21 EQ overflowing - Arch Linux x86_64

Hello, I am currently experiencing constant xorg freezes on my Arch Linux box with 334.21 Nvidia drivers installed. The freezes can happen 2 minutes after boot or 1 hour after. During the xorg freeze the mouse remains responsive at first until there I attempt to click anywhere on the screen after that the whole system crashes and even ssh fails. During one of those freezes I was able to ssh into the box and obtain the following logs (xorg and nvidia log)

My system specs are:
Arch Linux X86_64 - kernel 3.13.7
2xASUS 660 Ti in SLI (problem occurs with SLI enabled, I have yet to test disabling SLI and the second card)
nvidia 334.21 from the official arch repositories
xorg 1.15

As for the logs:


One of the symptoms described in the xorg log is EQ overflowing, I have not been able to find the actual bug or problem that provokes the EQ overflow. For those interested my clocksource is TSC at the moment, I attempted to change the clocksource as a quick attempt to see if the freezes would stop, the freezes remain.

I would like to know if anybody is experiencing the same problem as I am with the same symptoms.

If you need any further information about my system or need any other logs I will attempt to provide them asap.

Thanks again for your help.

PS: This problem does not occur with the same kernel and another version of the nvidia driver (331.49 and older)

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (50.2 KB)

I have similar setup to yours and experience hard freezes when playing flash. I disable intel p-state and no freezes. I think it’s the same problem you have.

Thanks for your answer, however my freezes do not happen when flash is playing, they can happen when I am moving windows around, resizing windows and sometimes when I launch smplayer (not when I close it).

can you try to disable intel p-state in grub and see if it works, just try it :)

Sadly, disabling p-state didn’t change anything. Freezes still occur 2-3 minutes after boot or 30 min later.

EDIT: Oops double post. Sorry.

The crashes still happen with the latest driver, 337.10. It is really irritating. Help would be greatly appreciated.


I have attached another Xorg.log with the crash and a backtrace done with gdb

Xorg.crash.log (8.01 KB)
gdb-Xorg.txt (7.33 KB)