XP ceasing sales June 30 Vista anytime soon?

Hi nvidia,

We are now getting very close to XP no longer even being offered for sale and we still haven’t seen a Vista driver for CUDA. Is this still coming? Will we have a released version before XP sales end?


Didn’t XP just recently have it’s lifespan extended to 2010 or something instead? Seeing as Microsoft also has realized that Vista failed on too many points, and will try to get “Windows 7” to be what XP was.

Check the announcement posted the day after the OP. http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=63956 Vista support is coming any day now.

Not that I personally care about vista, but having it supported does mean that CUDA-accelerated programs can run on a lot more machines.

And there will be less noise on the forums of people asking for vista support ;)

That will be very nice, wont it…

I however, being the pessimist, expect an increase in traffic troubleshooting non-working Vista installs :P Although, I can only blame myself for time wasted reading nearly every thread on the forum.

Nope, that was only for ultra-portable version ( Asus EEE Pc, OLPC, etc ) and emerging-market cheap home versions ( China, India, etc )

XP’s lifes ends this June 30, 2008… without remedy.

You can’t stand those dark-blue boxes meaning there is something to be read either? ;)

Hi Guys,

I hate to keep everyone busy reading forums ;) but this vista issue is huge for those of us trying to sell our software. First, telling a customer that the machine they bought over a year ago will not work, and they need to reinstall the os (to an old one) it a very hard sell. And with the vast majority of PCs shipping cuda capable gpus running vista these days, we developers are missing most of the market. In my case, I have just completely postponed shipping anything until this is resolved. The day I see Vista drivers will be a very happy day indeed. And just fyi if you think I’m some microsoft guy, I actually mostly use Ubuntu (Gutsy). But I also like paying my bills and Vista helps do that. :)

Have you read the announcement?


Should be within two weeks then.

How about today? :)