XR 2.1 Apple, camera issue when tilting/perspective


There appears to be an issue with Apple XR mode. When tilting the tablet/rotating the camera appears to skew/stretch instead of rotating. Feels like a bad matrix rotation… that instead of rotates changes perspective of camera/offsets/etc…
In general
start steamVr > start apple = bad perspective
start steamVr > start apple > start android XR > android has bad perspective now
start steamVr > start Android > good perspective on android
start steamVr > start Android > Start apple > bad perspective on apple.

Has any1 else noticed it ?

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Is this a pre-release build or the final 2.1 release?


This is the build from the website that was released yesterday

As Richard said, it’s the latest one.

Let me know if u need a video or something with the issue example.

@wrice so you have run it fine via ios device with no issues?

we are testing with Vred if that makes a difference

Thanks for the the info. Would you mind providing your logs so we can take a look?


@wrice which flags do you want me to enable and how on Apple device.
Should I put it after ip address like -log-verbose -log-stream-events etc etc?
Or in CloudXRServerOptions.txt in Local/Nvidia/CloudXR ?
Not quite sure how to configure log output as there is no server that I start myself…

So @wrice, when you test the ios app you do not get any strange skew/stretching? Just to say we are testing with Vred.

Hi @wrice. Could you get back to us on this?
The issue occurs in the streamvr app so we know it is not an issue caused by vred. we are just wanting to know if others have this skewing/stretched appearance when with XR 2.1. Clearly you don’t?

Sorry, I meant to back to you earlier. This is something we saw in earlier (pre-release) builds of 2.1, but was fixed before the final release. I’ve reported it internally. I’ll provide an update that it is being seen in SteamVR in addition to VRED and get back to you asap.


Also, could you tell me the specific deviceyou are using to help with repro?


Thanks Will.

Testing has been on a Galaxy S8 (@Dariusz_Makowski will confirm for sure) and an iPad Pro 11inch 2nd Gen 2020.