XR - Apple - Unable to fix height/transform - incorrect tracking


So I’ve been working on a “semi-automated” system of calculating height for the XR session for Apple devices so that we can quickly/easily get a good match between steamWorld and apple. As far as I can tell when AR session starts Camera is at 0.0.0 and that is what gets send to steamVR and initialize the world with.

I take this is the reason why IOS application example had the height slider from Nvidia.

In any case, I’ve made a function to calculate the height, and it’s accurate within 1 cm+/-. However when I push the offset to the camera and to steam. I still get the wrong height/perspective. No matter what I do I can’t get it to run accurately as I could with Android device.

Here is video >

At bottom of screen, you can see :

  1. Current cam : ARkit camera transforms
  2. Offset Cam : My camera with adjusted height, the table is about 75-76 high so you can see that I get a correct height value here.
  3. Manual offset - is added on top of the camera offset using slider.

No matter what I try, I always get wrong tracking. Its as if the world was in different scale or something… any ideas why I get this?

Even nvidia example does not track proeprly on my Ipad pro 2ndGen. Lidar did not help either. I mean ar example app tracks 99% well their 3d objects/etc so device should be fine…