XR - Apple - Unable to fix height/transform - incorrect tracking


So I’ve been working on a “semi-automated” system of calculating height for the XR session for Apple devices so that we can quickly/easily get a good match between steamWorld and apple. As far as I can tell when AR session starts Camera is at 0.0.0 and that is what gets send to steamVR and initialize the world with.

I take this is the reason why IOS application example had the height slider from Nvidia.

In any case, I’ve made a function to calculate the height, and it’s accurate within 1 cm+/-. However when I push the offset to the camera and to steam. I still get the wrong height/perspective. No matter what I do I can’t get it to run accurately as I could with Android device.

Here is video >

At bottom of screen, you can see :

  1. Current cam : ARkit camera transforms
  2. Offset Cam : My camera with adjusted height, the table is about 75-76 high so you can see that I get a correct height value here.
  3. Manual offset - is added on top of the camera offset using slider.

No matter what I try, I always get wrong tracking. Its as if the world was in different scale or something… any ideas why I get this?

Even nvidia example does not track proeprly on my Ipad pro 2ndGen. Lidar did not help either. I mean ar example app tracks 99% well their 3d objects/etc so device should be fine…


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Bump on the issue. Here is android test using 21ultra > https://youtu.be/cSl4NNJv-u8

Everything sticks/works as it should. - there is “small” drifting but nothing near as bad as apple.

Can you please fix the apple part? All of my nXR projects are red light due to none being able to provide a simple “it works” example.

ios sample is being actively worked on. no ETA yet.

Same/similar issue here. Something is really broken and we are also waiting for new versions. (as well as updates for HL2 that doesn’t work either!)