XR Extension Update Wishlist

Hey Team!

I’d like to submit my Christmas Wish for the next Composer update to ressurect Holodeck in the XR extensions with a tech update taking advantage of the capabilities of Omniverse.

With the combination of DLSS3.5, and real time ray tracing, along with the upcoming rapid advancements in VR/AR/XR physical hardware, the VR/XR/AR side of Omniverse is ready to shine!

We really need more native collaborative VR/AR/XR tools.

Things on my list that could help create real value to utilizing VR in concept, review, and planning sessions would be to include the ability to do the following while in a VR/AR/XR scene via OpenXR etc.

  • Measure tool with all snapping/locking features
  • Browse Nucleus libraries & add .USD files to the scene
  • Change layers
  • Join/create live sessions
  • Spatial audio in live sessions
  • Paint tool (lock to suface, 3D, etc)
  • Ability to save and track mark-up and changes
  • Section tools
  • A literal camera that acts as a screenshot tool(hold up phone like you would in RL)
  • Scene and model adjustment(move, rotate, scale, with snapping modifiers and the ability to type in coordinates)
  • A functioning UNDO button! (I understand this is harder than it seems I think?)

Basically it boils down to a large XR UI update. It would be cool to see the ability to have all of this on dockable menus etc. Somethine intuiative like the Tiltbrush menu system or something. Or using hand tracking to dock containers to your wrist.

There are definitely more, so feel free to comment or add any other ideas I haven’t mentioned.


Thanks for great feedback. I will pass it along to the XR team !

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