XR Scene not opening in any any app except XR

I’m having some trouble with a scene that I created in Omniverse XR.
Essentially, if I try and open it in any other app (Any Omniverse, or Unreal Engine 5), it crashes the app. I can see lots of warnings and fatal errors in the logs, an example of which I’ve attached.

I’m running
Windows 10,
Intel i7-3820
RTX 3060
32Gb RAM

kit_20220720_084452.log (783.6 KB)

Any help with where the issue is, and/or how I can fix it would be appreciated.
To reproduce the scene, I just used a blank scene and then ran the sample scatter extension with 50 x 50 cubes.

Hello @infinityplusb. I’ve reached out to the dev team for help. I will post back when I have more information!

Hello @infinityplusb! After reviewing your logs, the dev team informed me that you are trying to load Flow, which is not currently supported in Ominverse XR.

Hi @WendyGram . Thanks for coming back to me.
So, the project opens fine in XR, it doesn’t open in the other apps.
If I open in it XR, Flow isn’t loaded (nor am I trying to use it for anything) so I can’t see where or why it would be getting loaded?

hey @WendyGram
Just to clarify, I’m trying to edit a scene I created in XR in any other Omniverse App (Code/Create/whatever … )
Is this a viable use case, or can I only edit XR scenes in the XR app itself?

Hello @infinityplusb! The development team informed me that your XR scene should be able to open in the other Omniverse Apps. Could you try opening it in Create and sending me your log from here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Create ? I’d like to see the error messages you are getting when you try to load your scene in another app.