XR Scene not opening in any any app except XR

I’m having some trouble with a scene that I created in Omniverse XR.
Essentially, if I try and open it in any other app (Any Omniverse, or Unreal Engine 5), it crashes the app. I can see lots of warnings and fatal errors in the logs, an example of which I’ve attached.

I’m running
Windows 10,
Intel i7-3820
RTX 3060
32Gb RAM

kit_20220720_084452.log (783.6 KB)

Any help with where the issue is, and/or how I can fix it would be appreciated.
To reproduce the scene, I just used a blank scene and then ran the sample scatter extension with 50 x 50 cubes.

Hello @infinityplusb. I’ve reached out to the dev team for help. I will post back when I have more information!

Hello @infinityplusb! After reviewing your logs, the dev team informed me that you are trying to load Flow, which is not currently supported in Ominverse XR.

Hi @WendyGram . Thanks for coming back to me.
So, the project opens fine in XR, it doesn’t open in the other apps.
If I open in it XR, Flow isn’t loaded (nor am I trying to use it for anything) so I can’t see where or why it would be getting loaded?

hey @WendyGram
Just to clarify, I’m trying to edit a scene I created in XR in any other Omniverse App (Code/Create/whatever … )
Is this a viable use case, or can I only edit XR scenes in the XR app itself?