xrandr report VGA connected (while not connected) on ThinkPad T530

I’ve upgrade to nvidia driver 340.46-1 a minute ago. There seams to be a problem with xrandr reporting a monitor connected to VGA-0 while there is nothing connected. I think a mismatches between VGA-0 and LVDS-0 is the issue. This problem is causing me pain since gnome use the VGA-0 as default/primary screen when booting. So I cannot login with gdm.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (89 KB)

Log in blind with gdm…you can press enter then enter your password.
Bring up a termimal–you’ll notice your virtual screen width is 2x as wide as it is supposed to be, but terminal works fine.
xrandr -s 1920x1200
(or whatever your normal resolution is)
su -

make VGA-0 your primary display (via a checkbox)
press “apply” button
save to x11 conf
ctrl-alt-backspace then log in as normal.

Perhaps wrong advice above…make the leftmost display (whatever it is) the primary one.
When I rebooted, the 2nd extra screen was gone and everything works normally.

Hope this helps. Any trick such as calling xrandr in the background to set the resolution properly so you can get nvidia-settings up should work just as well.

Thanks for the workaround. I don’t want to use xorg.conf. I’m plugging and unpluggin projector all day long. I need xrandr working. Also, I already have a workaround that work just fine. I would prefer a real solution. VGA-0 shouldn’t be “connected” when it’s not connected to anything.

Is it enough that gdm uses lvds as primary, even tough there are vga connected? Or do you need it to be automatic.

You can set primary display which gdm uses:

  1. Set up the primary / secondary monitors as a normal user (Settings / Displays)
  2. Copy monitor settings ~/.config/monitors.xml to gdm config folder(in ubuntu it’s /var/lib/gdm/.config/ so i.e. sudo cp ~/.config/monitors.xml /var/lib/gdm/.config/)
  3. Log out, cntrl+alt+f1 and login to tty and restart gdm.