Xsun Keyboard Bell Option

I used Xsun Keyboard Bell Option on Solaris10.
( Ref-> http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19683-01/817-5770/whatsnew-s9fcs-117/index.html)
Recentry, I replace new server.
graphics board on New server unsupported Xsun server.
I use to NVIDIA X server now.
Is there similar function(Keyboard Bell Option) on NVIDIA X server.

NVIDIA doesn’t provide an X server, but rather a driver for the X.Org X server. I don’t think the stock X.Org X server has this feature, but it’s possible that Oracle added it to the Solaris build of Xorg. I would suggest contacting them.

Thank you very much for this information.

One more question. I mistook “server settings” for “NVIDIA X server.”

In this screen, Would I have settings of X.Org X server?
I am confused about the relationship between the NVIDIA settings and the X.Org X server.
If you know, please tell me more information.


That would be the graphical user interface for you to change the settings for your XServer. Basically a means to edit xorg.conf without using the CLI via the VI or other editor method.