Xsun Server

Has anyone gotten any 64 bit nvidia cards to work on the Xsun server (as opposed to Xorg)?

I have a legacy application that really wants to run under Xsun. It’s 20 years old and difficult to update. It sort of runs under Xorg but the colors get messed up and there is lots of annoying flashes.

Sort of hoping that switching to Xsun might help but whenever I try to configure the nvidia cards using kdmconfig I get:

  1. The test just returns immediately
  2. I was actually able to get one configuration to work with what looks like maybe 320x200 pixels. Totally unusable of course.
  3. The system locks up completely and requires booting into single user mode.

I just need 256 colors, 1024x768 pixels. Running Solaris 10/10 x86 x64 on HP workstations. The card I have tried with the most is a NVIDIA Quardo FX 570 card.

The driver readme file says:
The NVIDIA Accelerated SunOS Driver is enabled with the X.Org X server.

But I don’t know of that means the cards won’t run at all under Xsun.

Thanks in advance.

Xsun is not supported.

Does your application work with Xorg if you run “nvidia-xconfig --cioverlay” as root to enable the 256-color index overlay?