XUbuntu 16.04 NVIDIA QUADRO M2000 Blackscreen

Hello everyone,

I use Xubuntu 16.04 and have a Nvidia Quadro M2000 which has 4 Outputs.
But If I wanna use them with the Xorg Driver it does not work frozen screen.
Now I updated it to NVIDA Driver 375.20 after I reboot it loads until I have to put my password
but my Keyboard (USB) does not work. Than I rebooted again now I can chose between normal boot and advanced. If I chose normal I get an Blacksreen.

Has anybody a solution for it , I would be very grateful

Best Regrads

How are your cables? Are you using any adapters?

Notice regarding incompatibility of certain 3rd party DisplayPort video cables

How to Choose a DisplayPort Cable, and Not Get a Bad One! - DisplayPort

What are the rest of your system specs. in detail?

Hi Guys,

This forum is for Linux Graphics Debugger, you might post in some other place for Linux Driver issues.