XUDC, extcon-cable, VBUS and RNDIS

We have a custom carrier board implementing a USB2.0 connection that does not include VBUS. In the past using JP4.6 and AGX Xavier, we used the extcon-cable functionality described in this post: RNDIS failed with USB 2.0 to enable the port on boot.
With this setup, we were able to connect USB2-0 to a second board’s USB2-2 and establish communicaitons. We are no longer able to do this.

In Jetpack 5.0 on Orin, the tegra-xudc driver no longer has the extcon-cable option. Comparing

  • 32.6.1 kernel-4.9/drivers/usb/gadget/udc/tegra_xudc.c, with
  • 35.1 kernel-5.10/drivers/usb/gadget/udc/tegra-xudc.c

It is clear the extcon functionality has been removed. Looking at the device tree, this is recognized in:

                     ports {
                             usb2-0 {
                                     mode = "peripheral";
                                     status = "okay";
                                     vbus-supply = <&p3711_vdd_usbc>;
                                     /* The port only works on device mode and needs to be default on.
                                      * We do not have any singal from STM which indicate the cable
                                      * connected now.
                                     connector {
                                             compatible = "usb-b-connector", "gpio-usb-b-connector";
                                             label = "micro-USB";
                                             type = "micro";
                                             cable-connected-on-boot = <USB_ROLE_DEVICE>;

But even though port usb2-0 is “default on” something needs to trigger the connection between adjacent units.

In the absence of extcon, how can we trigger Orin A, USB2-0 and Orin B USB2-2 communications?

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Jetpack 5 releases are with K5.10 and USBConnectorClass is used. Please check the adaptation guide for device tree programming:
Jetson Module Adaptation and Bring-Up: Jetson AGX Xavier Series — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

Thank you @DaneLLL, we will try this adaptation shortly and report back if successful.

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