xusb firmware/Falcon contoller resume after resuming from hibernated image.

I could manage somehow to port arm64 hibernation patches for TX2.
But after resuming from hibernated image, USB resume is showing the error and
USB host is not working. (Even No power on the USB connector).

Below shows the error log.

[ 73.466445] xhci-tegra 3530000.xhci: exiting ELPG
[ 73.472926] xhci-tegra 3530000.xhci: Firmware timestamp: 2016-09-01 11:32:41 UTC, Version: 55.05 release
[ 73.681583] xhci-tegra 3530000.xhci: XHCI Controller not ready. Falcon state: 0x10
[ 73.692910] xhci-tegra 3530000.xhci: exiting ELPG failed

Any idea what is happening here?
Is it possible to resume from a hibernated image because of the involvement of the usb firmware.?

We don’t have much experience in hibernated image. Please share more detail. And do you run r28.1?