YAML -> NameError: name 'distant' is not defined

Hey guys,

when I add this line in the YAML:

      light_type: "distant"

I get this error

NameError: name ‘distant’ is not defined

any idea?

thank you!

@pcallender @dennis.lynch @turowicz

try capital D Distant

Hi Wojciech,

thank you for your quick reply and your help.
just tried out and still got the same error…

Sorry I never create my own lights in script as I always load custom scenes.

Try consulting the API: PYTHON API — omni_replicator 1.10.10 documentation

I might be wrong, but I think it is because I’m launching the YAML Headlessly (from console)… instead of running it straight from Isaac script editor

I always work headless in a docker container

how do you do that? is it in the doc?

Yes: GitHub - NVIDIA-Omniverse/IsaacSim-dockerfiles: Isaac Sim Dockerfiles

gold !!

thank you!