YAQaC - sensor capabilities

YAQaC (Yet Another Question about Camera) - there are many topics about camera misfortunes here, let’s add one more, hoping for answers from Nvidia

Hello again,

We have a custom carrier board for the TX1 SoM, that has a camera ov13850 with 4 data lanes connected to CSI0/1 pair. I need to get it running using the proprietary GST element from Nvidia.

I currently have a semi-working solution for the same camera working on the Nvidia reference carrier board. It uses CSI2/3 pair. (I had to fool the nvcamerasrc that my camera is named ov5693, which explains the name is not changed)

So how can I change DTS configuration in order to enable it on my board?

I have noticed that, at least in theory, prescribed SCI is in sensor capabilities. These are translated to a structure in the driver that the proprietary component reads in user space and then does some magic to configure CSI module driver “nvhost_vi” (or does it?).

My working configuration for the reference board is:


	/* sensor capabilities */
				cap-version = <0x34340002>;
				cap-identifier = "OV5693.1";
				cap-sensor_nvc_interface = <5>;
				cap-pixel_types = <0x101>;
				cap-orientation = <1>;
				cap-direction = <1>;
				cap-initial_clock_rate_khz = <6000>;
				cap-h_sync_edge = <0>;
				cap-v_sync_edge = <0>;
				cap-mclk_on_vgp0 = <0>;
				cap-csi_port = <1>;
				cap-data_lanes = <4>;
				cap-virtual_channel_id = <0>;
				cap-discontinuous_clk_mode = <0>;
				cap-cil_threshold_settle = <0>;
				cap-min_blank_time_width = <16>;
				cap-min_blank_time_height = <16>;
				cap-preferred_mode_index = <0>;
				cap-external_clock_khz_0 = <24000>;
				cap-clock_multiplier_0 = <8000000>;
				cap-external_clock_khz_1 = <0>;
				cap-clock_multiplier_1 = <0>;

These seem to not be explained anywhere, so can you help me set them right on the my board for CSI0/1 (using the clock of CSI0)? Nvidia?

Imho the important ones are:


but my tries were not successful :(

Hello, amitev:
Would you please paste the SDK version you are using here?