YDEL - Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux A GPU-dev-based linux OS

Source: http://www.fixstars.com/en/products/ydel/cuda/

Sounds interesting… Has anyone heard of or actually used this before?

I’ve used Yellow Dog while ago on POWER hardware, and also had it installed all the time on our home PlayStation 3 machine, and used it for learning about programming the Cell architecture (well - at least when PS3 was not used by kids, which means not that often). It is RH-derived distribution, and was always nice to use; I’ve downloaded and installed this YDEL for CUDA flavor too (it is their first version for x86 architecture), and the impressions are the same. However, besides having NVIDIA drivers and CUDA toolkit pre-packaged, I fail to see what else CUDA-specific it has to offer, so if someone already having working CUDA setup with any other Linux distribution of choice, I see no reason to switch.

Yeah, this basically sounds like they packaged and preinstalled the CUDA toolkit and drivers, and also setup some environment scripts that let you switch versions easily. I am curious what the “9% performance improvement in some applications” means. Perhaps there is an included kernel patch that has a minor effect on the NVIDIA driver?

Hi Guys,

Basically what we did is optimized the Kernels for GPUs resulting in better performance over RHEL, Ubuntu and Fedora with the following parameters: Matrixmul, Scalar Products, and Transpose Naive. Also we improved reliability so before any update or new release we confirm that drivers and links are updated so CUDA applications are not interrupted.