Ydlidar integration with ISAAC SDK (X2L)

I try using ydlidar X2L for my isaac sdk robot, when I try running this
bazel run //packages/ydlidar/apps:ydlidar_sample
it the plot show noting at Isaac Sight, I did a quick search it seems the baudrate are different between this X2L and X4 ydlidar,
Is that able to change the baudrate for the ydlidar codelet? If I need to build a new codelet for the X2 ydlidar, How can I publish FlatscanProto especially for “visibilities @4: List(Float32)”? Any example codelet for this?

The baudrate is hardcoded to 128000 and not configurable as a parameter unfortunately. We’ve taken note to fix this for future releases.

Examples on how to publish a FlatscanProto can be found in sdk/packages/velodyne_lidar/components/VelodyneLidar.cpp, sdk/packages/message_generators/FlatscanGenerator.cpp, and more.