Ydlidar module troubleshooting

i try to create a codelet to ydlidar 2xl… and connected to lidar with ydlidar module… now i want to display the data on console … like ranges or angles… how can i do that?? still new to isaac

stdout should still be visible in console if that’s what you’re looking for (also through LOG_INFO). You could add the print statements to your codelet or write another codelet to receive the scans and print to console.

@hemals what’s the simplest way to view the scans graphically in websight?

You could use the FlatscanViewer component which receives FlatscanProto and visualizes them Websight.

See @sdk://packages/flatscan_localization/apps/localization.subgraph.json for an example of how to set it up and @sdk://packages/flatsim/apps/demo_5.json to add the flatscans to the map view.