(Yet another) issue with cudaGLRegisterBuffer...

Hi all,

Having searched through these forums (and google) I’ve found there have been problems in the past with cudaGLRegisterBufferObject (and similar OpenGL integration functions).

I seem to be experiencing them myself, but with an interesting twist - I’m not trying anything exotic, just compiling and running the nvidia demos provided with the toolkit :)

I’m running Windows XP (service pack 2) with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The GPU is a GeForce 8800 GTX with the latest (169.21) drivers. Naturally the latest versions of the Toolkit and the SDK are installed as well.

When attempting to run any of the provided demos that integrate with OpenGL, any call to cudaGLRegisterBufferObject (or similar) function results in “cudaErrorInvalidValue” being returned. All the other non-OpenGL CUDA demos work great.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.