YOLO plugins with nvtracker

I am working on the YOLOv2 plugin provided by vat-nvidia on DeepStream 2.0. The detection is successful. And I want to use built-in nvtracker for further tracking. The problem is that, after I add tracker section in config file, it seems no tracker is activated. And if I add nvtracker plugin in deepstream-yolo-app.cpp (including initialization and link), the program running is blocked at the first frame:

Loading TRT Engine...
Loading Complete!

May I know is there any to enabling the tracker on YOLO plugin?

Thank you.

Yolo plugin do not have nvtracker linked. and we don’t have any plans of adding it to the sample app anytime soon. suspect a mismatch in how the metadata is being handled between the two plugins is causing this issue.

Can you share the code, and we can reproduce and debug this issue?