YOLO v4 Not Supporting Image Means Not Supported

I am trying to run YOLOv4 on TLT 3.0. I am recieving an error when trying to use costume channel means in the augmentation config:
google.protobuf.text_format.ParseError: 74:7 : Message type “AugmentationConfig” has no field named “image_mean”.

Attached below is my experiment config file.
experiment_spec.txt (4.1 KB)

I also had the same issue with using the augmentation field “output_channel”

Which version of tlt did you use? The latest one should be 3.0-py3 . That should be compatible with “image_mean”.
Please find the docker_tag when you run “tlt info --verbose”.

The docker tag that I have for TLT 3.0 is v3.0-dp-py3

Please update to TLT 3.0-py3 instead of 3.0-dp-py3.

See TLT Quick Start Guide — Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0 documentation

The nvidia-tlt package is hosted in the nvidia-pyindex , which has to be installed as a pre-requisite to install nvidia-tlt .

If you had installed an older version of nvidia-tlt launcher, you may upgrade to the latest version by running the following command.

pip3 install --upgrade nvidia-tlt

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