YOLO v4 tiny on Jetson AGX xavier

Hii all,
I am a beginner working with Jetson nano and Jetson xavier.
Recently I have implemented yolo v4 tiny on jetson nano with webcam using darknet. The model worked well and the webcam fps was nearly 4 fps.
So I have tried it using Jetson xavier so that I can increase the fps.
But surprisingly even on Jetson xavier I am getting the same 4 fps with webcam. Can anyone tell me the reason behind this and how to avoid it??

thanks in advance


Have you maximized the device performance first?

$ sudo nvpmodel -m 0
$ sudo jetson_clocks

More, it’s recommended to try our Deepstream sample to get the optimal performance:


Thanks for replying me

but even after changing the power mode and after using the second command iam still getting the same fps.
is there anything I need to change??
thanks in advance


Could you try to deploy YOLOv4 Tiny model with TensorRT?
A sample can be found below:

We recommend using TensorRT since the inference implementation has been optimized for Jetson.

Thanks for the advice I have used Tensorrt. The FPS is pretty good now
Thanks again

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