YOLOv5 Auto update OpenCV

I need to read media with CSI Camera, OpenCV on system is v4.5.4, but YOLOv5’s OpenCV Minimum requirements is 4.1.1, it judged that OpenCV version is too low, auto update OpenCV, But the new version of Opencv does not automatically enable the Gsteamer function. Is there any way to not install the new version of OpenCV?


OpenCV Python is installed via JetPack by default.
v4.5.4 should work with YOLOv5 since it > 4.1.1.


Yes, I thought so too, but in fact he did not find openCV higher than version 4.1.1

I solved it successfully. Change opencv-python>=4.1.1 of requirements.txt to #opencv-python>=4.1.1.


Good to know it works.
Thanks for the update.

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