YUV support Xavier

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I am developing a driver for the Xavier, The camera supports UYVY format. I checked your driver developing guide and you recommend to use pixel_phase instead pixel_t. I saw that pixel_phase should support UYVY but at this point I have not seen any support for UYVY in the camera common.

Do you know if the Xavier supports UYVY? I am developing the driver in L4T 31.1.




In my experience you can extend the pixel formats, and you will likely also need to extend the colorfmt table in sensor common. This leads to code that compiles for me, but I am debugging other issues so am not 100% sure if extending these tables will be enough. I do know other manufacturers have done this with cameras, such as LI with the AR0144CS which adds both a PIX_FMT and colorfmt. However, I do not know if they received any special support from NVIDIA when they extended those tables, on the ISP side of things or in any of the binary blobs.

BTW L4T 32.1 was released recently and includes fairly major changes to camera common, so you may want to forget 31.1 and immediately start porting to 32.1 using the new tegracam structs and function calls. 31.1 is, as I understand, just a developer preview.

hello ACervantes,

yes, Xavier support YUV sensors but you’ll need some implementation to extend support formats.
you could also contact Jetson Preferred Partner for camera solutions.

I confirmed that adding yuv formats to sensor_common.c camera_common.c works both for R31.1 R32.1.

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Thank you very much for your answers, were very useful for me, I will try adding the yuv support in sensor_common and camera_common. Thanks again.

e-CAM130_CUXVR is a synchronized multiple 4K camera solution for NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier development kit that has support a YUV format.


Is there a YUV sensor drvier for reference? thanks

Hi liu.jialu,

After solving some issues, we got the MAX9288/MAX96705/OV490 YUV driver working on the Xavier and TX2, also we have another driver like the TC358743 working in YUV format in Jetson TX2 and Nano.



@ACervantes Hi, can you share me the OV490 YUV driver to reference? Tks.

Hi haihui.pang

You can contact us at support@ridgerun.com so we can give more information about.