" YUV420_SEMIPLANAR_ER VS. NV12 " Are they equvalant?

In Argus camera I grab a frame, and it contains these info.

width: 2608
height: 1964
depth: 0
pitch: 0
planeCount: 2
numChannels: 1
frameType: array
colorFormat: YUV420 semi-planar ER
cuFormat: uint8

in the CUDA documentation, the colour format is explained as below.

Extended Range Y, UV in two surfaces (UV as one surface) with VU byte ordering, U/V width = 1/2 Y width, U/V height = 1/2 Y height.

and here is my question,

  1. what is the extended Range here?

  2. my video pipeline need to use NV12 format, I believe YUV420 semi-planar ER sounds like NV12.
    but then shouldn’t it be "UV byte ordering, U/V width = Y "width, U/V height = 1/2 Y height.??

for example take a look at the image below.(NV12). "UV block’s width is same as Y’s width.


  1. then is therer something like YUV420_SEMIPLANAR_ER → NV12 conversion available?


From the explain it’s the same format.

NV12 has a half width and half height chroma channel

ok, each V and U is actually half width and height. so it make sense.

but what about VU ordering? shouldn’t it be UV ordering?

Thank you.

Right, suppose it’s the same with NV21 instead of NV12

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