Z440 random crashing with NVS 315

I’ve got several HP Z440 with a Quadro NVS 315 graphics card running Solaris 11.3 x86 64-bit. Been racking my brainstorming skills to figure out why some systems are randomly crashing. The one dump i was able to get ahold of was the Xorg package was panicking, which then sent a panic to the module “nvidia”.

panic message: BAD TRAP: type=e(#pf Page fault) rp=ffffffffd8348c940 addr=55aef0d0 occured in module “nvidia” due to an illegal access to a user address
panicking PID: 14233

PID 1705 PPID 1 … NAME gdm-binary
PID 14232 PPID 1705 … NAME gdm-simple-slave
PID 14233 PPID 14232 … NAME Xorg

Using the fmdump utility with Solaris I see this

fmdump -Vp -u

panicstt = BAD TRAP: type=e (#pg Page fault) rp=ffffffffd8348c940 addr=55aef0d0 occurred in module “nvidia” due to an illegal access to a user address
panicstack = unix:die+119 () | unix:trap+1624 () | unix_cmntrap+e7 () | nvidia:+nv000631r

Is this a bug? Is it with Xorg or with nvidia?
Current Nvidia driver for this NVS 315 card is 346.35. Is there somewhere that tells me what the changes are in the Nvidia drivers so I can see if I need to update to solve this? I have a whole lot of software that I would have to retest if I have to make a driver updates to my system. I wouldn’t have a problem doing that if I could ensure these random crashes have been fixed in an updated version.