Zed 2i Compatible

Hi, recently my team decided to upgrade our Zed 2 camera with the newer Zed 2i, however I’m having issues with it being detected in Isaac, is it possible it isn’t supported yet?, or am I just missing something?

Isaac SDK 2021.1 has not been tested with ZED 2i yet. This likely requires an update to the ZED SDK which Isaac SDK pulls down through isaac/sdk/2021.1/sdk/third_party/zed.bzl. You could try to update the URLs and get it to work again if the APIs haven’t changed much.

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Hi, I am also facing issues with my ZED 2i camera not being detected by Isaac SDK even though it is being detected by the computer. Did it help to update the URLs? If so, could you share the new URLs or your zed.bzl file?