ZED Camera won't open with jetson TK1

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~/ZEDTutorialYJ/YJTracking/build$ ./ZED_Simple_Tracking
ZED SDK >> (Init) Best GPU Found : GK20A , ID : 0
ZED SDK >> (Init) Disparity mode has been set to PERFORMANCE
ZED SDK >> (Init) Creating ZED GPU mem…
ZED SDK >> (Init) Starting Self-Calibration in background…

why is it stucked in this procedure…?

One possible cause with ‘Killed’ could be running out of memory (TK1 has only 2GB total RAM for CPUs and GPU).
In such case, you should see traces of this with dmesg.

Hi Dodeca,

Have you clarified and resolved the problem?
You could also contact with ZED support to see if able to help you.