Zero Copy and cuBLAS-Library

Hi Folks,
got a really simple question here: Does the cuBLAS-library support zero-copy-like parameters?

A simple example would be

double *a, *aT;
cudaHostAlloc(&a, sizeof(double) * m * n, cudaHostAllocMapped);
cudaHostAlloc(&aT, sizeof(double) * m * n, cudaHostAllocMapped);

//FILL a

//a -> aT
double one = 1.0;
double zero = 0.0;
cublasDgeam(..., &one, a, m, &zero, a, m, aT, n);

I tried to do this, but my aT-matrix consists of just zeros and i´m wondering, if this is just because of Windows7 in non-TCC mode. This doesn´t even work when using device-pointer delivered by cudaPointerGetAttributes()