ZFS support for Jetpack

Jetpack is based upon Ubuntu but unlike regular Ubuntu, Jetpack does not include support for ZFS out-of-the-box which is a shame. It is possible to get ZFS working under Jetpack currently by installing zfs-dkms but it takes an age to build on the nano and it needs to be rebuilt every time there is a kernel update so its not ideal.

I don’t expect Jetpack to switch to using ZFS by default or have the ZFS kernel module loaded by default but it would be nice to include the kernel module by default like standard Ubuntu does for those who do use ZFS.

Since 20.04 Ubuntu supports installing to ZFS root disks so I would like to see NV work towards making this possible under Jetpack too. Anyone who has used ZFS snapshots and boot environments (GRUB history menu under Ubuntu 20.04+) will know why ZFS is a killer feature to have.

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Currently we don’t have plan to include this in default release. Will evaluate this request. Thanks for your suggestion.

The sample rootfs is open source. Others may have experience to customize it with ZFS and can share guidance.