Zooming with tablet in the material graph

I would love the ability to zoom with my wacom tablet, right now the only way I’ve found is using the scroll-wheel, a bit cumbersome

Hello @aslak1! I have passed along your question to our development team.

Are you able to map that action to your wacom tablet through the Wacom Tablet Properties? Or is that action not available to map to your tablet?

That would not work for me as I only have the pen to map to, and that has all the essentials: r-mb, l-mb and m-mb.
It would be great if there was some way of zooming with l-mb, m-mb plus a modifier key

Hi @aslak1. Thanks for replying. I’ve got a developer looking into this. I also created a New Feature request for the Dev Team (internal ticket OM-35839) asking for Peripheral Device Support so that any device can be mapped to Omniverse Applications.

Hi, any update to this?
Does not seem to be able to zoom without a scroll wheel?

Hello @aslak1! I’ve been keeping an eye on the development ticket for tablet support. It is still under development, but the team is working on it. I wish I had more information to give you at this time.

This feature has been added!