06_jpeg_decode result is not correct file. It seems like that something wrong in this sample

I have three questions.

  1. On Following sample, nvdec(hardware) is used?
    If nvdec is used, where it is in this flow diagram?

  2. I make and run this sample (06_jpeg_decode).
    It seems like the result yuv file is not correct.
    I checked this yuv file using yuv viewer.

    Can you double check this issue?

  3. the result of $ ./jpeg_decode num_files 1 …/…/data/Picture/nvidia-logo.jpg …/…/data/Picture/nvidia-logo.yuv
    is YUV 4:2:0 or YUV 4:4:4?

thank you.

It is an independent hardware engine NVJPG. Please check Figure 1 in technical reference manual of TX1:

The decoded YUV is YUV4:2:0.