13.9 pgf95 -g generates bad assmbly instruction in OpenSuSE

When using either the 13.2 or 13.9 pgf95 compiler on 11.4 or 12.2 OpenSuSE, I can not compile some F90 code in debug. I get an error in the assembly step:

pgf95 -DETHOS_OS=1005 -DLINUX=1005 -DFFT=MKL -DUSE_LICENSE -Mlarge_arrays -fPIC -Mlfs -Mnomain -Minform=inform -Mlist -Minfo=all,ccff -Manno -Mkeepasm -Mneginfo -g -I./ -I/users/richard/Geok/gksvn/ethos/include -I/usr/local/gkbase/common/2.12.0.b2/mkl/include -I/usr/local/flexnet/flexnet_11.6/machind -I/usr/local/intel/mkl/ -c -o Linux_3.4_64/source.o source.f90
Linux_3.4_64/source.s: Assembler messages:
Linux_3.4_64/source.s:142: Error: operand type mismatch for `vcvttss2si’
gmake: *** [Linux_3.4_64/source.o] Error 2

This code compiles and runs when I remove the -g and add the optimization flags.

Hi RichardVerm29401,

Can you send to PGI Customer Support (trs@pgroup.com) the “source.s” file? Also, which assembler version are you using (“as --version”)?


Hi Mat,

I just sent you the source.s

Thanks, fixing the bad array declaration I missed got it to compile.