17.10 to 18.4 update: -fast and -Mautoinline flags


I have been updating our compiler from 17.10 to 18.4 and ran into some issues. We have been using the compile flag -fast, but after the update we experience some runtime issues.

I narrowed the issue down to the -Mautoinline flag, that, when set, somehow messes up the compilation.

So we have found a way around the problem, but without the inlining the code is less performant. So I was wondering if this is a known issue or if there might be a way to make the code itself less ambiguous for the compiler?


Hi Jan,

We did make some improvements to the auto-inliner in 18.1, so if you are encountering issues, it could be a bug.

Can you please either post or send to PGI Customer Service (trs@pgroup.com) a reproducing example so we can investigate?