190.18 driver with CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT 2.6.31 kernel


Seems like the 190.18 driver does not compile on a 2.6.31 CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT kernel. The init_MUTEX(mutex) from “#define NV_INIT_MUTEX(mutex) init_MUTEX(mutex)” (at nv-linux.h,740) seems not to be defined.
A search for init_MUTEX() in the kernel code, shows some commented code. Is that an old interface ?
Replacing init_MUTEX with mutex_init() results in a successful compilation but crashes the system.

Is this version(190.18) of driver suppose to work with 2.6.31 with PREEMPT_RT ? Any fixes in the plan, now that PREEMPT_RT is on sync with the stable kernels ?

Thank you !