2 Different GPU's 3 Screens (not SLI)


i have 4080 TI (PSU is 1000W)
and 1080 TI (in my old Rig atm)
got 3 Screens 2 (27inch) and 1 (32 Curved)

i edit and game on my main rig,
wonder if i add my 1080TI to my main machine
would like to connect 2 smaller screens to 1080
and the main 32 to my 4070
i wonder if it will affect performances (the reason i ask is i disconnected my 2 smaller monitors and did notice increased FPS in some game titles only with my 4070)

i don’t play in stereoscopic mode, only on my main screen
the other two screens are auxiliary like web/monitoring software/etc

any information will be appreciated
thank you

In general these kind of questions are best asked on the dedicated GeForce forums. This specific topic has been discussed over there before.

That said, there will be a performance impact since everything going to the second GPU will still have to be prepared and composited by Windows partly on CPU. That means there will be resource contention.

So while it is definitely a possible solution and should work out of the box, it does not come “for free” in terms of performance.

Also consider that you might need to split your PCIe lanes between the two GPUs, depending on your motherboard/CPU combo. So either both run in x8 only instead of x16 for example. Not to mention the added power supply needs, cooling inside your system, etc.

I hope that helps!

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